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Caffe2 Demo 2018 Jun.
A simple tutorial about how to use caffe2 with both C++ and python.
build a simple networks with/without lmdb data
save/load models with BN layers correctly
use pre-trained model to forward
write a C++ program to load pre-trained model etc.
Stochastic Gradient Descent with Hyperbolic-Tangent Decay 2018 May.
Proposes a new scheduling method, named hyperbolic-tangent decay (HTD). [arxiv]
SGD or ADAM 2018 Mar.
Introduce Stochastic Gradient Descent.
Introduce adaptive optimizer.
Compare between SGD & Adam.
TensorFlow Tutorial 2017 Dec.
Introduce classic TensorFlow/Keras usages.
Introduce classic and advanced TensorFlow usages.
Introduce GPUs and memory calculations .
Learn Convolutional Neural Network
in One Day
2017 Sep.
Introduce the basics of CNN & CNN architectures.
A Chinese version is available at zhihu.
[slide update]
A Simple Deep Learning Tutorial 2017 Apr.
A series of articles about how to build CNN by Keras.
Short-Term Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting 2017 Jun.
A final project of Short-Term Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting.
Dancing Links and Exact Cover 2016 Dec.
A presentation of Dancing Links and Exact Cover
Undergraduate 2012 Sep. - 2016 Jul.
从 PL0 到 Flex
How to write a crawler
Pollard Rho算法详解
Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Judge 的搭建
浅谈 inode
Ghost (AI demo)
毕业留念 PPT
[Ghost github]