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MPV-MCTS 2019 Mar. Paper Multiple Policy Value Monte Carlo Tree Search was accepted to IJCAI 2019.
CIFAR-ZOO 2019 Mar. This repository contains the pytorch code for multiple CNN architectures and improve methods based on the following papers, hope the implementation and results will helpful for your research!!
CGI Zero Framework 2018 - 2019. CZF(CGI Zero Framework) is an Lightweight, and Scalable Framework for AlphaZero-Like Applications.
    - Our AI(WahahNoGo) is the strongest NoGo Program
        - got the TAAI 2018 NoGo Champion.
        - got the ICGA 2019 NoGo Champion.
[icga 2019]
[taai 2018]
Caffe2 Tutorial 2018 Jun. A simple tutorial about using caffe2 with C++ and Python.
    - build a simple networks with/without lmdb data
    - save/load models with BN layers correctly
    - use pre-trained model to forward
    - write a C++ program to load pre-trained model etc.

Stochastic Gradient Descent with Hyperbolic-Tangent Decay on Classification 2018 May. Proposes a new scheduling method, named hyperbolic-tangent decay (HTD).
Accepted to IEEE WACV 2019.
[arxiv] [code]
SGD or ADAM 2018 Mar. Introduce Stochastic Gradient Descent.
Introduce adaptive optimizer.
Compare between SGD & Adam.
TensorFlow Tutorial 2017 Dec. Introduce classic TensorFlow/Keras usages.
Introduce classic and advanced TensorFlow usages.
Introduce GPUs and memory calculations .
Learn Convolutional Neural Network in One Day 2017 Sep. Introduce the basics of CNN & CNN architectures.
    - A Chinese version is available at zhihu.
[slide update]
A Simple Deep Learning Tutorial 2017 Apr. A series of articles about how to build CNN by Keras. [code]
Dancing Links and Exact Cover 2016 Dec. A presentation of Dancing Links and Exact Cover.
Undergraduate 2012 Sep. - 2016 Jul. 从 PL0 到 Flex
How to write a crawler
Pollard Rho算法详解
Ubuntu 14.04 Virtual Judge 的搭建
Ghost (AI demo)
[Ghost github]