Wei Li(Lee)
M.S. Student [at] NCTU
fm.bigballon [at]
Just for fun.
I am interested in Deep Learning,
(Deep) Reinforcement Learning
as well as Computer Game AI .
I aim to combine the great power of
Games and Deep Learning


Wei Li is a Computer Science M.S. student in Institute of Computer Science and Engineering at National Chiao Tung University(NCTU), advised by Prof. I-Chen Wu. He is a member of Computer Games and Intelligence(CGI) Lab . His research interests lie in the field of Deep Learning, (Deep) Reinforcement Learning and Computer Games AI. Now, His current research is about how to combine Deep Learning and heuristics in Board Game AI(Gomoku, Chess, Chinese Chess, etc.) and using Deep Reinforcement Learning to play RTS Games or MOBA Games(StarCraft, Dota2, etc.).


2018 Feb. - Now
Alpha Zero Based Gomoku AI
Combine AZ methods and traditional heuristic methods
In process
Supervisor: Prof. I-Chen Wu
2017 Seq. - 2018 Feb.
Teaching Assistant @ MediaTek Inc
Instructor: Prof. I-Chen Wu
2017 Jun. - 2017 Sep.
Research Volunteer @ Project-Theta
Defect Inspection & Automated Optical Inspection
An open source Repository: cifar-10-cnn
Instructor: Prof. H.T. Kung, Academia Sinica
2016 Oct. - 2017 July.
Development of Chinese Chess AI
CGI Lab Chinese Chess Group.
Won the 2st place in TAAI 2016 Tournaments
Won the 1st place in ICGA 2017 Tournaments
2016 Sep. - Now
Graduate student @ NCTU
Computer Games and Intelligence(CGI) Lab
Game AI, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
My Paper Reading List
Supervisor: Prof. I-Chen Wu